03 June 2018

The Modern Guitar Trio

The Modern Guitar Trio was formed in 2000 when Australian Roland Chadwick teamed up with English virtuosi Roland Gallery and Vincent Lindsay-Clark to record the suite; ‘Letter from LA’ for Roland’s 2000 CD, ‘The Revealing’. Written in 1997, this year’s West Dean Classical Guitar Festival performance marks the 20th anniversary of this works composition.
After writing a repertoire of guitar trios the Modern Guitar Trio recorded their self-titled CD which included The Wendy House by Roland Chadwick which was later choreographed by Parrish Maynard and performed by the San Francisco Ballet in San Francisco in 2010.
Roland G, Roland C and Vincent have set about writing a new repertoire for The Modern Guitar Trio culminating in their ground-breaking new program: The Puppeteer and Metropolis – Vincent; Three Venezuelan Folk Songs – Roland G; The Memory of Water – Roland C and Roland Chadwick’s Letter from LA.
Recent Performances include The International Classical Guitar Festival of Great Britain at West Dean; Heidelberg Guitar Festival 2016 with Pepe Romero.
Their new CD The Modern Guitar Trio at the Rococo Café is available from Amazon

The Puppeteer                                                          Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Three Venezuelan Folk Songs                                             Roland Gallery 
1.   La Mónica Pérez
2.   Esta noche serena
3.   La Perica
Metropolis                                                                  Vincent Lindsey-Clark


The Memory of Water                                                      Roland Chadwick
1.   The Japanese Water Experiment
2.   Not Drowning
3.   Mirage
4.   Tsunami
Letter from LA                                                                   Roland Chadwick
1.   Lost Angels
2.   Santa Monica
3.   Sunset Strippers
4.   Oscar’s Last Stand