06 July 2008

Ten String Fever

Violinist Jane Miller and guitarist Terry Spooner formed TenStringFever in the late summer of 2005, although both musicians had played together in various ensembles prior to that time.Between them they encompass a very wide musical spectrum, as can be heard in their live performances and on ‘Jigs and Jazz’, their debut album.
Their playing has been influenced by their vast number of performances in different fields of music. Between them they have performed in orchestras, rock bands, string quartets, jazz groups, dance bands, folk groups as well as solo classical recitals.
The music performed ranges from traditional Irish and English jigs and ballads, through the classical music of Boccherini, Granados and Sibelius, to the great jazz tunes of Django Reinhardt and George Shearing, and on to the tangos of Piazzolla.
The unusual combination of guitar and violin combined with the range of music played by the duo (in their own arrangements) produces a highly individualistic sound.