02 November 2014

Stephen Yates

Stephen Yates is one of Britain's few composer/guitarists. Originally an award winning classical guitarist performing standard repertoire, his experience of arranging and composing for ensembles combined with his love for a wide variety of music from around the world inevitably led him to apply himself to music for solo guitar. His music is as eclectic as can be imagined, incorporating classical European as well as Asian, African, Irish and popular influences, but rather than pastiche, he combines these elements at their core to produce a style all his own. Virtuosic and yet lyrical, his music can be seen as belonging both to the classical world as well as to the contemporary.

                                   Barefoot Sundance
                                   Io Pan
                                   Summers Spent
                                   The Great Good bye
                                   Trajectory X

                                    Meditation on Solitude
                                    Dance of the Mayfly
                                    Mr Hyde's Hop
                                    March For a Free Man
                                    I am Pi