06 April 2014

Benjamin Bruant

Passionate about guitar from an early age of seven, I went on to study at
the Music School of Le Havre, my home city in France.
Fifteen years later, I moved to Paris in order to improve my technique and
nourish my passion. I had the chance there to study with Pedro Ibanez,
teacher at the National Conservatory, who has brought my musicianship up
to a high level of accomplishment.
Following my three years of study in Paris, feeling that I could still learn
and improve myself, I moved to London where I studied with Michael
Lewin at the Royal Academy of Music. I have had the opportunity to meet
the best guitarists from all over the world. I have improved myself by
listening to them and have reached the highest level of playing.
Life is a continuous school and I hope to improve myself even more each
day in order to perform my music to the best that I can for my whole life.


M. Giuliani (1781 1829) - Grande Overture opus 61
A. Barrios ( 1885 1944) - La Catedral
J. Rodrigo (1901 1999) - Invocation et Dance
J.S Bach (1685 1750) - Prelude Fugue Allegro BWV 998


F. Tarrega (1852 1909) - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
F. Mompou (1893 1987) - Suite Compostelana
1. Preludio
2. Coral
3. Cuna
4. Recitativo
5. Cancion
6. Muniera
J.S.Bach (1685 1750) - Chaconne BWV 1004