01 November 2009

Martin Byatt & Dominic Grant

The Duo:
Martin Byatt is a versatile and experienced guitarist who is comfortable with a variety of musical styles – anything from Eric Clapton, The Eagles and U2 to the Buena Vista Social Club, Bossa Nova and Ragtime classics. Together with Dominic Grant – a guitarist well known on the London Jazz scene for his brilliant rhythmic work with top singers and bands – they form a guitar duo that encompasses popular music in all its various forms. Using electro-acoustic nylon and steel string guitars they deliver an entertaining and exciting recital.

Martin Byatt is a Scottish exile who has made London his home, having taught and performed in the capital since 1980. He has had several original works published, including four graded pieces for Chanterelle’s Modern Times series. He has been the founder member of various ensembles, most notably The Janimar Trio ( Guitar/Flute/Mandolin ) and Zaramba ( two Guitars and Percussion ). In 1996 he arranged and performed the music for the prize-winning Radio 3 production of “The Sea Urchins” by Sharman MacDonald ( mother of Keira Knightley ). His solo CD New Horizon comprises original material and arrangements of classic rock tunes by Dire Straits, Steely Dan and others. He was deputy for two of the guitarists in the hit musical Zorro at the Garrick Theatre. He has performed with Dominic Grant extensively over the past ten years.

Dominic Grant has worked extensively on the West Coast of America, particularly in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with various bands playing variety of musical styles Jazz, Latin, Pop. Toured for 2 years with the Gary Pucket Band. Concert and club work with famous jazz musicians: Albert Tootie Heath, Bill Henderson, Herman Reily, Phil Upchurch. Band work with Soca Tremor (with Phil Chen and Robert Greenwich), Joe Higgs, Pato Banton, Stranger Cole,, Macaw, Rebel Rockers. Session works include: Native’s album “No Boundary”, Harry Belafonte “Christmas Album”, commercial and soundtracks. Before moving to America in 1981, Dominic worked with his father “Cy Grant” on radio and cabaret, led his own band “Out to Lunch”, played one year at the Park Lane Hilton with resident band, and played the London pub circuit with Latin jazz bands Night Flight and Manyana. Since returning to London in 1995, he has done session works, performed as a Solo resident guitarist at many top London’s Hotels And clubs, various Band and Duo work in Europe mainly with Eduardo Niebla,Martin Byatt, Kathy Wilson, Nina Ferro, Victoria Newton, Kelly Dickson, Karen Lane, Elsa Chapman, Liz Cass, lance Ellington, Monique, Natalie Williams & Inner Swing as well as keeping busy in London’s club and function circuit. He has also released a new CD with his world jazz group “Festivo”.