01 October 2006

Doug Turner + The OddFellas

Doug Turner

Doug has played the guitar since 1957. In 1961, he was in a guitar shop in Charing Cross road when he met Roger Dean, who showed Doug how to play in Chet Atkins’ style. Doug acquired some Chet Atkins records and learnt his music by ear.

Doug was given a job 2 years later with Selmers, makers of amplifiers and the distributor of the UK’s Gibson guitars. In 1964 Doug played with Housten Wells and the Marksmen, who were England’s first recording Country music group.

In 1965, Doug played with the Outlaws, who later became Chas and Dave. Doug went on to tour as a soloist, playing Chet Atkins style in folkclubs around Britain.

In 1997, Doug formed a jazz duo with Rod Davis, who was a member of John Lennon’s first group, the Quarrymen.


Tiptoes through the tulips
China Town
St. Louis Blues
Arkansas Traveller
Oh by Jingo
Hello my Baby
Medley: Villia – Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto, Ain’t Misbehavin’
Medley: Poor People of Paris, Three Little Words, the Third Man theme
Medley: Estrelita, Let it be Me, Greensleeves, Air on a G string
Medley: Liza, Nagasaki, Johnson Rag
Medley: One Mint Julip, Frankie & Johnnie

The Oddfellas

The oddfellas will be playing:

Liberty. An American old-time tune. Also known as 'The Reel de Ti-Jean'

Angeline The Baker. Originally a Stephen Foster song, but Bob learnt the tune from the West Virginian banjo-picker, Dwight Diller.

Si Bheag Si Mhor. An Irish harp tune from O'Carolan about a battle between the big and little faeries.

The Horses Bransle. An old French dance tune. (Although I understand the word 'bransle' has a rather rude meaning in French today)

Blackberry Blossom. Originally an Irish tune, but now heard often in American old-time and bluegrass circles.

Da New Rigged Ship. A tune from the Shetlands, where Robert is encouraged to speed-up.

The Long Black Veil. Jerry goes to the gallows rather than revealing his (married) love.

The oddfellas are:

Bob Little, mostly banjo, has been playing banjo ever since he went to college and discovered how many others were playing guitars. Now smugly retired from IT and struggling to learn the fiddle. An enthusiast for American Old Time music.

Glyn Hatherall, mostly recorders. A retired academic, Glyn on recorders lives for legato and 3/4 time. Keener than Bob on jigs. As a Welshman, has been singing and involved in music longer than he can remember.

Jerry Alleguen, mostly guitarAcquired his first bass guitar overseas in order to join his (RN) ship's band. Veteran of a number of blues and rock and roll bands, has just bought a bouzouki and is not afraid to use it.

Robert Underwood, mostly mandolin. The one with the day job and irrepressible energy/enthusiasm - for badminton and the band. Started in his teens on violin and classical guitar, has recently progressed(?) to the bodhran.