02 March 2014

John Dalton - Harper

The Panorama of the Harp

John Dalton was formerly assistant editor on Guitar magazine, interviewing the guitarists of some of the most popular bands of the 70s and 80s, including Andy Summers of the Police, Steve Howe of Yes, Steve Hackett of Genesis, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bernie Marsden of Whitesnake, Neal Schon of Journey, Frank Zappa of Frank Zappa and the Mothers.

Today he is a musician and speaker who gives harp concerts with an astonishing variety of music, ancient and modern, including celtic, Latin American, classical, jazz and tunes from around the world. He also offers several wide-ranging talks linked with music. The topics are intended to be experiential rather than theoretical, and to show that in the 21st century we still live amidst The Mysteries.

In bardic and ancient poetic fashion they are combined with the ravishing sounds of the celtic harp, as were tales in days of yore.

Epitaph of Seikilos (c.100 BC - oldest song in the world).
Ut Queant Laxis (Hymn to St John the Baptist) - Gregorian.
Ys - celtic suite to goddess Isolda and mythical Breton Celtic city Ys, swallowed by the sea.
Erev Shel Shoshanim - Jewish tune, Night of the Roses.
Angel - by Wes Montgomery.
Aranjuez, Rodrigo, slow movt, arrangement for Celtic harp.
Arran Boat Song - Scottish trad.
Dunolly Castle - Scottish trad.
Song of Tiriosko - Bulgarian folk tune.
El Vagabundo - by Ismael Ledesma (Paraguayan tune).
Llanos - by Afredo Ortiz (Venezuelan tune).
Danza de Huyancayu - Peruvian folk tune.
She Moved The Fair - Irish song.
Greensleeves - well known love song by harper H. VIII.
March of Brian Boru - Irish trad.
Aquatintes - Bernard Andre.
Je Te Veux - Erik Satie.
Raga and Oriental scales.
Dodi Li - Jewish tune (Nicholas Chen).
Harp Blues variations.
Aire Cuan (Quiet Air) - Irish trad.
Chegada - Paraguayan trad.