01 November 2015

John Newman & Richard Clark

John Newman

John has been connected with the society for 35 years having given his first '5 min slot' in 1980. since then he has performed many times as both soloist and in ensemble in various forms: guitar duets , flute and guitar, guitar trio and is a member of the long running Hanwellian ensemble-quintet.
John began his studies, after graduating in Physiology, in 1069 with the Jazz guitarist and full time session -man Charlie Smith. Later periods of study were with Douglas Rogers , Fiona Harrison and he attends summer schools and weekend course regularly with, amongst others, Gerald Garcia. 
John was formerly secretary of Ealing guitar society having taken over from  Valery Flynn after her very sad illness in 1997.He does therefore fully appreciate the amount of time that Steve Dell gives to us in keeping things rolling over the last 10 or so years. 


Sonata, 4mvts,           G.P.Telemann

2 minuets and Andante Largo [op 5/5]      F. Sor

Walzt op.8, no.3. Julia Florida.                     A. Barrios

Jorge da Fusa                                                    Garoto

One minute divertimento, Dusk in the Valley and Danza Gitana  -  L. Almeida

Richard Clark

Richard was born in Liverpool in 1959, had classical guitar lessons in his teens, and obtained an ALCM diploma. Since that time he continued practising and learning and has been a member of the EGS for about 20 years. He has performed at the EGS a number of times and at charity events, including an annual appearance at mental health charity MIND’s festival in Kingston. In addition to his classical work he has worked with singer David Jennings and Australian composer and producer Cliff Bradley to write and record songs. He loves the sound and versatility of the classical guitar and will present a programme of music ranging from renaissance to romantic music.


Sonatas K11 and K175                              Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata opus 22                                          Fernando Sor
                        i.)  Allegro
                        ii.) Adagio
                        iii.) Minuet and Trio
                        iv.) Rondo

Recuerdos de la Alhambra                       Francisco Tarrega

The Sage                                                      Greg Lake

Prelude no 4                                               Heiter Villa Lobos