07 October 2012

Dmitri Timoshenko

Dmitri Timoshenko was born in Tallinn and he studied at the Georg Ots music school with Tiit Peterson.  In 2005 he started to study also with the distinguished Estonian jazz guitarist Mart Soo and took a part in Uno Naissoo composition competition and played for famous composers´ family members.  He has made few world premieres of highly acclaimed young Estonian-Canadian composer Riho Esko Maimets.
During his studies he was also composing his own music. His background in jazz and rock guitar has influenced his style. Dmitri wrote music in 2007 for the play based on the writer Paulo Coelho book «Alchemist» directed by Eret Kunnberg which was shown in Pirita Monastery, Tallinn, in the same year for the choreographer Irina Krotova for the modern dance on Nothing is faster than…” as a project in Pärnu Dance Festival, Estonia.  He has played at international festivals including Turku Guitar Festival, Youth Festival «Culture for friendship of people» in Helsinki, «Karvian päivät» in Karvia, «Vanha Turku Soi» in Turku, «Wanha Kivikirkko soi» in Tampere and «Fiesta de la Guitarra» in Tallinn.

In 2011 he had performances in Brussels, Belgium in such places as Berlaymont, European Council House, NATO building. Same year in December guitar duo Dmitri Timoshenko and Vahur Kubja received a grant from the Estonian Culture Capital and played 5 concerts in Estonia named «Duo Concertante» in Tallinn, Narva, Pärnu, Tartu and Kuressaare playing Riho Esko Maimets piece for guitar duo Prayer of Quiet world premiere. Since 2008 Dmitri has been studying in Turku, Finland with Timo Korhonen at the Turku Art Academy in Finland.
Dmitri participated in numerous masterclasses with guitarists such as Leo Brouwer, Ismo Eskelinen, Jyrki Myllärinen, Carlo Domeniconi, Raphaella Smits and Elena Papandreou. In July 2012 he took part in summer school of Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena, Italy, attending classes of maestro Oscar Ghiglia.

Timoshenko is also a member of Turku guitar orchestra. Dmitri plays a wide range of styles. He performs regularly in different settings and events including circus and modern dance. He recorded the sound tracks for estonian movie.  Dmitri gave solo recitals in Finland and Estonia.

Starting from 2010 he is studying composition with Tuomo Teirilä at Turku Art Academy. Timoshenko plays a guitar made by the Finnish luthier Keijo Korelin.  For this concert he plays music from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Estonia.