05 February 2006


At an early age Mykl showed an affinity with animals, keeping a variety of pets from guinea pigs to mosquitoes. He used to frighten his mother with a large, hairy, rubber spider until she threw it away.

By the age of five he’d given up his ambition of being John Wayne. By ten he’d decided not to be an astronaut, fireman, policeman or stuntman. At sixteen he got a guitar and gave up ideas of being a graphic designer. After doing a fairly bad job of teaching himself to play, Mykl searched for teachers able to cope with his argumentative and facetious ways. At twenty Mykl gave up the idea of being a Heavy Metal guitar god. At the age of twenty-two he lost interest in becoming the first non-corrupt politician and being the first Prime Minister to do a good job of running the country, however, he’s still considering becoming a delegate for the Monster-Raving-Loony Party.

As well as performing on national television and radio he has given solo recitals at prestigious venues including the Cathedrals in Rheims, Canterbury and Ely and the French Palais du Tau. He has also played in festivals including St. Gilgen Summer Festival (Austria); Aberystwyth Music Fest (Wales); Canterbury Festival and Sounds New. Audience members have included Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Naresh Sohal, the current and previous Archbishops and Mr. and Mrs. Faldo (parents of Nick).

He occasionally gives concerts for the charity organisation Music in Hospitals. He also spends a lot of time shut in his room with only a rat for company. He considered getting a life but after observing how much hassle they cause others, he decided not to bother