02 December 2007

the Oddfellas

We play acoustic folk music - tunes and songs from England, Ireland, America, Scotland, France - basically wherever we find a tune we like. The main motivation for the band is the fun of creating/performing music, ie taking a tune, devising an arrangement that makes it something we like and is 'ours', and then putting it in front of an audience.

The Oddfellas are: Bob Little, mostly banjo - Glyn Hatherall, mostly recorders - Jerry Alleguen, mostly guitar - Robert Underwood, mostly mandolin - Paul McKenna, mostly guitar.

Some of the tunes we play: Liberty. An American old-time tune. Also known as 'The Reel de Ti-Jean'. Angeline The Baker. Originally a Stephen Foster song, but Bob learnt the tune from the West Virginian banjo-picker, Dwight Diller. The King of Leix. An favourite Irish tune of Glyn's. The Horses Bransle. An old French dance tune. (Although I understand the word 'bransle' has a rather rude meaning in French today). Blackberry Blossom. Originally an Irish tune, but now heard often in American old-time and bluegrass circles. Da New Rigged Ship. A tune from the Shetlands, where Robert is encouraged to speed-up. The Long Black Veil. Jerry goes to the gallows rather than revealing his (married) love.