09 June 2013

Sergio Franqueira

Sergio Franqueira was born in Ordes, a little town in the province of A Coruña in 1981, and started to play guitar at 11, by his parent’s initiative at the local Conservatory in Carballo, with a old guitar of his father, and a little later, started to play Trombone in the local Wind Band. In the middle of some other activities, like painting or swimming, the guitar started to take an important part of his life little by little, but it was not until he moved to La Coruña at the age of 18 when he decided to study music as a career, after finally attend for very first time to real recitals and masterclasses at the Conservatory.

After this, he started moving around Spain into some Courses and masterclasses to know the guitar players and world and complement his studies. He has his Professional and Bachelor degree from A Coruña State Conservatory, were he was awarded Registration of Hounour at his finishing Career Recital, studying with Eulogio Albalat. 

After finishing he was awarded "Mention of Honour for Musical Excellence”, prize held by the Galician Government consisting on a CD recording, his debut “Impresiones”. He has studied at Spanish music Course “Música en Compostela” with José Luis Rodrigo (From RCSSM Madrid), were he was awarded the “Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo” prize.After that and looking for the best master, he has studied the “Master in Guitar and Musical Performance” in University of Extremadura with Ricardo Gallén, after winning a scholarship by the “Diputación de A Coruña” government, and after, he has been former student with master Eliot Fisk at the University Mozarteum, were he was awarded the Postgraduate Degree in Performance, having been awarded another scholarship for these studies by the “Segundo Gil Dávila” Foundation. 

He has studied also in master classes with David Russell, Roberto Aussel, Joaquín Clerch, Álex Garrobé, Marco Socías, Zoran Dukic, Carles Trepat, Sergio Assad, Pavel Stedl, Carlo Marchione and many others. He has made some concerts in Spain, in such venues as the Teatro Rosalía de Castro (A Coruña), Santiago de Compostela, Cáceres, Vigo, Fundación Juan March (Madrid) an many others..  He has recorded in 2012 the cd “Recuerdos de España” with music of Albéniz,  and he’s now following the Doctoral Program for Spanish Music of the Twentieth Century at the University Of Santiago The Compostela, where he was awarded the Diploma of Advanced Studies and teaching guitar at Melide’s (A Coruña) Professional Conservatory.