06 November 2005

Lorraine Lee Hammond

Lorraine was raised in rural Northwestern Connecticut when traditional music was still a vibrant and integrated part of community life. She is a self-taught banjo player and singer, and a leading proponent of the Appalachian dulcimer. Lorraine is also an accomplished player of the Celtic harp, and a skilled songwriter.

Lorraine’s 1999 Shanachie release of West Virginia tunes with fiddler Gerry Milnes, "Hell Up Coal Holler," again breaks new ground for the dulcimer. Her newest recording, Jingalo Gypsy, with husband Bennett, was hailed by Dirty Linen Magazine as " a warm, enveloping, well-thought-out recording….a beautiful CD."
This evening Lorraine will draw from her repertoire of traditional Appalachian songs and ballads, accompanying herself with banjo and Appalachian dulcimer. She will be joined by longtime friend and recording and performance companion, Roger Nicholson, for a few traditional duets. Sarah Bauhan, American flute and whistle player who has performed and recorded with Lorraine for decades, will also join her for part of her programme.